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In response to: Shopping Cart Error &Woes

Paul Chatman [Member] ·
Whatever happened has been resolved. Everything was restored as of yesterday.

But what pisses me off is that there was no communication what so ever as to what was happening and why.

I read on some other b.log that it was a sytem upgrade. Really? How did they hear about this? where was it on the website. Nowhere.

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In response to: Shopping Cart Error &Woes

Paul Chatman [Member] ·
My shopping cart is dead. And yet still has still offered NO explanation or remedy for restoring shopping carts. Mine had nearly 100 saved items. The home page says nothing about the event. Hmph.... fucking shit!
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In response to: Shopping Cart Error &Woes

Paul James Chatman [Visitor] ·
Well it looks like the site is back to normal, although I have yet to sign in and check the status of my account. Let's see...

Nope! The cart is still empty, and there is absolutely no message or communications from regarding what happened and why. But more important will my cart contents be restored?

This is expected from a digital age, but unacceptable for a corporation like Amazon.$com.

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In response to: I rarely win anything, but this was nice.

bLog Admininistration [Member] ·
Well I won another DJGC for 25$. This would be my third one, or it the fourth? Yeah, the fourth. Cuz I used #3 to buy SoundFX 1, and #2 split between two orders, and one was used as above.

SO! I'm hoping that SoundFX 2,3, or 4 will go on sale so I can use this 4th one.
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In response to: My Blackberry Bold 9700 was tsolen....

Paul Chatman [Member] ·
Got my Bold 9700 yesterday and the transfer process was a snap. I didn't need a SIM card in it to do the transfer or set it up. I only needed it for internet and email setup.

Now I'm trying to get some cool themes for it. I found that 8900/9630 themes will work for my blackberry, ok gotta go

Posted via my BlackBerry Bold II 9700
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In response to: MTA gold line east Los Angeles extension stops service @ union station after midnight!!!

bLog Admininistration [Member] ·
They must have heard the complaints, because now the train does continue onto the other stations. but you have to wait about 3 to 4 minutes at Union Station before the train will go on. Like tonight for some really stupid reason we were told get off the train, and then walk down the platform and wait for to pull up and reload. They had to disconnect the the two-car train to make it one-care. I guess they didn't want anyone to "get hurt" while the trains disconnected. :roll:
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In response to: I rarely win anything, but this was nice.

Paul James CHATMAN [Visitor] ·
T used it to buy 3 items for a total of 7$; the next day they had $1 deal on certain items so I got 5 more for like 30$.

It was cool now I need more $ yo but more cool stuff before it goes away
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In response to: 40 years later....

Paul Chatman [Member] ·
Hey, wassup!! I sent you an email!
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In response to: 40 years later....

Marc [Visitor]
I know what you mean. Just turned 40 myself this summer and I'm still waiting for the big changes. I'm glad to see that you're alive and well, though. Oh... and, by the way, happy birthday!
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In response to: The Clone Wars Crapola

bLog Admininistration [Member] ·
I'm not the only one felt this way. Here is an earlier post I found while Yahooing/Googling myself. For some reason you are not allowed to read the original post, unless Yahoo!ed. This post is from
Does THE CLONE WARS suck as bad as the Prequels? Massawyrm says 'ROGER ROGER!'
Hola all. Massawyrm here.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…life was good and a movie named Star Wars rocked our god damned faces off. But those days are gone, in their place an endless stream of merchandising not meant for the average consumer, but the hyper specialized fan who still to this day must own everything and anything properly branded with the Star Wars logo. The inmates run the asylum now as Lucas long ago stopped listening to his soul as an artist - his heart as a storyteller – and has since begun listening to the slavering fanboys who cry themselves to sleep at night with their Darth Vader backpacks clutched close to their chests lest they separate it from their beating hearts. He’s long since stopped working with the geniuses of old, replacing them with young, idealistic artists who revere him as some sort of living Man-God and long to carry on his legacy rather than forging their own. He’s forgotten that the most important duty you have to your fanbase is not to give them what they want – but instead to give them what they REALLY want.

Do the fanboys REALLY want a bunch of scenes of characters whose destinies we already know fly through a series of dogfights so their pretty ships can go PEWPEWPEW against lifeless moronic droids so incompetent you question the tenacity of anyone that would put them into service let alone fight a war with an army of them? Do the fanboys REALLY want to spend the next 20 years of their lives arguing that the movies they love don’t, in fact, suck the hair off of a nutless monkey? Do the fanboys REALLY want an animated television series not written for 30-year-old men, but easily amused 8 year olds on Saturday morning between bites of soggy Corn Puffs? Because that’s what they’re fucking getting with The Clone Wars.

This. Is. Shit-ty.

Everything that was wrong with the prequels is wrong again here. There’s not much reason to dredge out all those complaints again. The Prequels aren’t actually Star Wars movies. They’re Fanfic. Bad fanfic that tries to include every element you love about Star Wars without actually using those elements the way they were intended. And while some might argue that it can’t be fanfic if the original creator is involved, I would counter that the creator in question died a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. As an artist Lucas is entirely bankrupt, no longer able to conjure a single, tangible, original idea. And unlike other artists in his situation, he isn’t able to properly recycle the ones he had to begin with either.

No, Star Wars is an ailing, dying beached whale of a property, too large to ignore but left too long in the sun to save. And the stench is unimaginable. So leave it to television writers to sit down and come up with a classic solution to lagging ratings. Their genius booster shot in the arm of suckdom? A plucky tween girl sidekick who keeps getting herself into trouble while being delightfully precocious and calling Anakin…Darth fucking Vader himself…Skyguy. Again. And again. And again. Every time this 14-year-old little monster opens her mouth to say something “witty” my jaw went slack and my eyes rolled into the back of my skull. She’s unbearable, absolutely excruciating to watch, and yet she finds herself in almost every scene of the film. She’s around so much I half expected her to pop up in scenes with the emperor or the Hutts, just stumbling into frame while saying something “cute” like “Oops, wrong door,” or “This isn’t the shuttle bay.”

Seriously, the only way she could be any more annoying is if she added the word MEESA to the beginning of every sentence and BOMBAD to the end of it. You beginning to feel me? I get that they might be working towards a Luke Skywalker type transformation, but that doesn’t replace the fact that A) her very presence makes me want to punch the person nearest me in the face repeatedly and B) she will not, ever, play a part in the mythology of the original films…or the fanfic prequel films…at all, unless Lucas goes back in to tinker with them AGAIN. So odds are she will meet a bitter untimely end sometime later in the series, like randomly slamming into an asteroid like the Han Solo clone from Shadows of the Empire. If and when that happens, I MIGHT tune in. If I don’t just youtube the scene. Again. And again. And again.

Then there’s the unending problem of putting characters in peril that we already know the fates of. Look, George. Having Anakin and Count Dooku have a dual ISN’T EXCITING. We already know what happens to Dooku. He died on screen YEARS AGO. We know he doesn’t die at the hands of Skywalker. Nor does Skywalker get so much as a scratch from him. We know this already. So why devote so much time to it, unless you’re completely out of ide…


The party’s over guys. The only one’s left here are the folks who haven’t realized it yet. I’m sure the Star wars fan forums are going to be aflutter with the revelations that Dooku once fought Anakin or that Anakin actually once went back to Tatooine, or that Jabba has an Uncle that - unlike other Hutt’s - sounds like a bad New Orleans piano player. But for the rest of us? This is just another episode in a long line of attempts to charge you for something you loved as a kid. I mean honestly, how much shit would we be giving Coppola if he had greenlit The Further Adventures of the Corleone’s? Because that’s what this is.

Will I be watching the series? After an hour and a half of being bored to tears? Not on your life. That path leads only to fear and anger, and we all know that once you start down that path, there is no turning back. If you WANT this to be good rather than KNOWING it will be good, odds are you’re gonna be in the same boat as myself. This is no better than the Prequels. Scrub that hope out of your heart now.

Until next time friends, smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em.

You see I'm not alone.
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In response to: I'm baaaack!

Paul Chatman [Member] ·
not that any of you asspipes knew i was offline or anything.
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In response to: CRAASH!!!!

Paul Chatman [Member] ·
They just asked m name and address/phone#

That's it, nothing else.

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In response to: Gay Skeletons!

Atlantis Black [Visitor]
Hi Paul--

My name is Atlantis Black and I am organizing a class-action lawsuit against If you would like to join me or participate in any way, feel free to drop me a line with your name and story.

We Will be compensated for our losses.

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In response to: Switching Internet providers

bLog Admininistration [Member] ·
It'as actually a 2701HG-B modem which I got for free. But it's still cool.
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Paul Chatman [Member] ·
I saw the movie uhhh..Monday, was it! Oh MAN was it FUNNY!!! To bad the theater sound system SUCKED!! I want to see it again, but this time in a much better theater with much better sound. So I can HEAR the surround sound effects. If you haven;t seen it you should it -- you will not be sorry! Forget all those other rap movies...they're likely to be stupid!
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In response to: Save NetRadio - Day of Silence

bLog Admininistration [Member] ·
An action Alert has been issued. Time is running out! Please act! This is my act!
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