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Royal Naboo Starship Answering Machine (Front)
Royal Naboo Starship Answering Machine (Front)
Royal Naboo Starship Answering Machine (Back)
Royal Naboo Starship Answering Machine (Back)

This Digital Answering System uses the latest technology to provide you with a high-performance tool. Your new Digital Answering System includes the following special features:

  1. Fully Digital Answering System - Record and receive your messages on a digital voice chip for excellent sound quality and reliability.
  2. Sound Effects - 3 sound effect keys play 5 phrases of actual character speech.
  3. Pre-recorded Outgoing Message (OGM ) - Automatically answer calls with the pre-record message if no personal outgoing message is recorded.
  4. Personal Outgoing Message - Record your own message up to 60 seconds in length. Add one of the character phrases to your message for even more fun.
  5. Extra-long recording capacity - Provides 14 minutes of digital message recording capacity.
  6. Day/Time Stamping - Day and time of the ICM will be announced at the end of each message.
  7. Instant Message Playback - Messages will play back instantly, unlike conventional audiocassette tape systems which require rewinding.
  8. Instant Skip & Repeat Message - Skip to next message and repeat a message instantly during playback.
  9. Multiple Remote Features - Control all functions of the Answering System – On/Off, message playback, skip/repeat and erase message, from a remote touch tone phone. Also change OGM and codes by remote control.
  10. Call Breakthrough - Alert people in your home to answer your remote telephone call.
  11. Memory Backup - saves all messages in the event of power failure. (when optional 5x1.5V LR44 button cell batteries are installed.)
Paul Chatman

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Achk Med-Beq: Republic Official / Action Figure

Achk Med-Beq

Click the image boo-box to go this listing.

Paul Chatman

Star Wars toys for sell!

i have a lot of Star Wars toys, figures, and other collectibles for sell. i will at first try this blog using a boo-box through if that doesn’t work then i’ll use ebay!

the listing you see above is directly from amazon. I will post my own items later into this or next week.

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I am selling my Star wars Toys and collectibles through thus blog via a boo-box. Just click the image with the boo-box logo attached to it to view the complete list of toys or collectibles in that category. This list will take you my Amazon page to buy it.


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