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Netflix Queue Manager v3 for Blackberry has been discontinued as of 10/2011

In late September my NQM app stopped connecting to Netflix. As I logged in I was greeted with this Initializing screen:

Initail startup screen

Then it just dropped into the Login screen following an error message stating “Login credentials incorrect. Please retry".

I sent a Feedback report from within the app and got nothing. In October I sent an e-mail to Pyxis Mobile asking for an explanation of the status of their Blackberry app Netflix Queue Manager v3:

From: Paul James Chatman
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 5:38 AM
To: Movela Help; Pyxis Support
Subject: Netflix Queue Manager not connecting on Blackberry

Subject: Issue report: Tue Oct 04 05:51:51 America/Los_Angeles 2011
Sent: Oct 4, 2011 5:56 AM

I keep getting “Login credentials incorrect. Please retry” with no indication of what’s wrong. I connected just fine
a couple days ago, and now all day I get the login error. I tried all suggestions in the FAQ, what is going on?
Is the app being discontinued because of Netflix’s new service changes with separate queues?

October 12, 2011 2:26 AM
I even removed the app form my Netfilx authorization list, and re-added it. I still get the “Login” error message.
I have changed the Connection Type to Auto, BIS, and Wi-Fi and none are working. What is going on? I paid for
this app (4.99$ see below for invoice) and want to know why noone from your company has contacted me yet??
What is going on? Why can’t I connect? My Netflix account and password are correct. I linked from both my Blackberry
and my PC and the link was successful. Why I am not connecting? What is going on? Why won’t anyone tell me what’s
going on? It’s been over a week since I first emailed this issue to you!

Is the app being discontinued because of Netflix’s new service changes?

PS: Why the Android version FREE vs the paid version for Blackberry?

Paul James Chatman

Application: MovelaNetflix v
Queue Manager v 3.0
User ID: 216c****, Auth type: DEVICE
OS Version:, Model: 9700
Built for BlackBerry OS 5.0
Last Auth Type: NOT LOGGED IN
Last Server Response: Tue Oct 04 05:31:04 America/Los_Angeles 2011
Connection Type: AUTO (Consumer (BIS))
Application Name: Movela Netflix Queue Manager
Application Version: 3.0
License key: null
BB Apps Version:
BB Platform Version:
Display language: English
Input language: English
Current network: T-Mobile
Country code: US
SIM Home network: MNC=608;MCC=784

From: Blackberry appWorld
To: pauljc@***
Subject: BlackBerry App World™ - Order Confirmation (Order #8759288842)
Sent: Sep 30, 2010 6:59 AM
Thank you for ordering from BlackBerry App World™ on September 30, 2010.
The following email is a summary of your order. Please use this as your proof of purchase.
Order number: 8759288842
Order date: September 30, 2010
Order total: $4.99
Order Details
Product Name: Movela Netflix Queue Manager
Qty Ordered: 1
Amount: $4.99
Company Name: Pyxis Mobile
Subtotal $4.99 Tax $0.00 TOTAL $4.99

This later query was sent directly to Pyxis Mobile via their website which was read by Ken Abrehamsen, Jeff Yeakley, Mark Metcoff, Richard Granata, and Garon Davis. Of which only Jeff Yeakley responded. I got his e-mail today:

From: Jeff Yeakley (
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 15:53:45 -0400
To: pauljc@***
Subject: RE: Netflix Queue Manager not connecting on Blackberry

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, Neflix has discontinued support of the public API used to manage user queues and thus, support for the application has also been discontinued. Thanks.


This is the only official information regarding the Blackberry app on the Internet: here on my blog and .netBoard!. The only other information is located here on the Netflix Developer Blog.

For 1 year and 5$ it was worth it, but Netflix is really getting my goat. Reading the Blog you discover that even the Qwikster API is being canned, and maybe the whole idea as a whole. Netflix doesn’t want to do DVDs and Bluray anymore?! Then what is the point is staying in business at all? The streaming catalog has only a fraction of what is offered on DVD, and the Bluray catalog is even less. Sigh….I see a dark future for them unless they go back to the original business platform.



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You should know that is having issues with the site. When I accessed the site earlier this afternoon at 3PM PST I first received a page that was only partially loaded as though the CSS parser was broken. When I reloaded the page I received the following:

http:// 1.1 Service not available

So I closed the tab, opened a new one and reloaded. This time I got the main page anmd it showed the number of items in my cart (3). But when I clicked the cart icon I got three following message in red.

The item you were attempting to add the your cart was not recognized by our system. Please try again later.

I did a search for one of the items in my cart and added it to my cart with the add button and the number 1 appeared in the cart graphic. Bu when I opened the cart again I got the same message about it not being recognized.

I sent an email to the Express e-mail support, but do not believe I will receive a reply. It is clear that the site was cracked. But will it mean my cart and wish list is gone forever. Unless they will be revived via backup. Also their “forums” are a joke.

It is now 8p and I have not been back to the site and do not kow what as transpired as of yet. We shall see.

Posted via my  Bold II 9700


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Yesterday I got a message from Facebook noting that the Black Gay Pride event was cancelled, and that the ATBLA account was closed. So I called the ATBLA and left a message. According to a phone call I got today Facebook has closed the account for ATBLA due to “inconsistencies". Now I don’t what that means exactly, but it was clear that I believe that Facebook just hates Black Gay People, and doesn’t want them on their site.

Browns, why not.
White, sure.
Yellows, no problem.

But the nee-gee-roes!!?? Not a chance!! :crazy: |-|

They allow the browns, yellows, and whites to post explicit pictures on Facebook, as seen here

>:XX >:XX >:XX >:XX

But Black gay People can’t post events or have account to celebrate their gaiety.

I’m just saying….


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wisdom gutter
tooth piece
dead tooth

My tooth finally fell out. Its been falling out in pieces over the years. The first “big” piece fell out in 2007. Tonight the rest just popped out. No pain. Just feel weird that it finally gone. ☹ ♐


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Last week I died in 20 minutes.
Now I can never fall in love, because I’m already dead.
I just wanted to feel another person.
I died last week.
I died in 20 minutes.
Now I can never fall in love.

I can’t touch

I walk around and see constantly
What I cannot touch
I cannot feel
I cannot kiss
I want to cry, but I must remain strong.

I died last week, in 20 minutes


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Blackberry Bold 9700

I ordered this smartphone last week on Black Friday (I almost wrote Big Black Friday, in response to the Wanda Sykes joke on here show) and UPS said it would be delivered on Thursday the 3rd of December. I would be off that day so i would be able to get it, but they updated their page saying it would get there on wed., a day earlier. I was very happy! But I had to work that day so it arrived after I left for work.

Well, I came at around 6 or 7pm and saw Tommy and asked if the package was there he said “No.” So I wondered if they delivered it next store (to the Mental Health Clinic), so Thursday we went next and it did. the lady who signed for it said she didn’t even look at the package, she just signed for it. When she saw that it was the wrong: LSS - she lost it. Or she left the of office and came back and it was gone. The supervisor said that they were responsible for it, but I said I would contact both UPS and T-Mobile about remedy and let their process complete, if it didn’t work and I would have to return to the clinic.

Well I called and UPS was helpful, at first, but gave me the run around a day later (I had to remind it was their driver who delivered the package to the wring address in the first place), T-Mobile was more helpful. They put a trace on the phone, and by the weekend could not locate it and I order a new one which will arrive next Wed, and I am off that day so I will be here to get it.

Now I find out T-Mobile charged me the full price of the phone !!! instead of the Black Friday price. sigh..oh well now i just need to figure out to transfer my data to the new Blackberry without SIM card being activated, unless I need toactivate before i put my old SIM card inside of it.


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this is bullcrap!!

Last, or early this morning I found out that the new East Los Angeles goldline extension for the mta STOPS service at midnight at union station!!!

Which means people like me who waited for the damn to open at little Tokyo going never to walk home from union station now STILL have to do it!!

The train does not go to east Los Angeles after midnight, but goes back to the chinatown yard at midnight!! Fucking stupid! We gave them all that money for this thing; we put up with fare increases and service shortage to build this extension only to be fucked by the MTA!!!

What was the point of building all those stations if your just going to stop service at union station at midnight? What was the point? For daytime service only!? That bull!!

What a waist of money!! I wanted to get off @ 1st/alameda every night after work now I got to just keep walking all the way from union station!!!

= fucking stupid =

Posted via my BlackBerry Pearl 8100


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…why under God Heaven Satan and Hell why Wes Craven would even THINK to re-do this classic film.


Oh, right.

Wes Craven, for shame art thou you!! You have suffered from Georgelucitis and have fallen to massacring your classic films. Shame! Shame! Shame on you! :no:

wait! hold up!

Micheal Bay is producing this shit! AAAUGGHHH! That Transformers killing shrivled nutsack-Bay :crazy: !!???



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In the beginning of last month I had a dream that my Grandmother died.
I never wrote about itin my journal, and I should have.
It angers me I’m writing here. sigh…


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World Lights Out!

You may not want to believe this last nights Lights Out Across the World was a scam. You see, i believe that it was done to allow The Hidden Powers to perform a malicious act on societies across the world. To insert or facilitate an action we will come to regret when it comes to past in the near future.

These things are not new. It’s only sad that we now live in an Age where people are allowed themselves to become diluted. Allow themselves to be ignorant of things that they foolishly allow to happen to themselves. Then become shocked when they realize their folly.

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