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I put up a video on youTube but it hasn’t “processed” yet. I was supposed to upload it last night when I off work, but I had to make a lot of changes to it, and add some stuff. It doesn’t look anything like how I envisioned it, but it’s shows what Vegas pro can do.

Here’s the synopsis:

California will decide about Proposition 8: The Gay Marriage Ban. It has caused many to re-evaluate what they define as family or even legal. For a liberal state this could prove historical or a step back.

Years ago, Affirmative Action was passed to allow Black Americans the same rights work in high paying & contracted jobs historically given only to whites. Primarily white Californians reversed that law after decades stating it was reverse-discrimination against them. Since then Black Californians have plummeted from those same jobs now, once again, populated by whites - the Los Angeles Fire Fighters comes to mind. Now a similar type of reverse-discrimination seems to happening to gay Californians.

Americans shocked the world and themselves by re-electing Bush in 2004. Tomorrow, will Americans and Californians repeat history, or make it?


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Today is my birthday. Sigh..I turned 40 today. A turning point some say, yet I don’t feel like it at all. In fact, it feels like any other day besides the fact that I really should be writing this in my journal. So here I go….


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Target can’t stop the waste!!

Well Target is at it again. This time they got Apple on board to help them to waste and destroy our environment! I mean COME ON! This packaging is so 1990’s, & Target/Apple should be ashamed of themselves!! How is this so supposed to be even remotely bio-degradable or the even slightest in being safe for our planet?

I get it - there are other things to worry about (gas prices, foreclosures, ballooning debt/deficit), but crap like this still gets my ass itchin’!! Will they change the packaging? Of course not! Even if I wrote a letter or sent an e-mail noone will respond! This is not something they care about. After all they did it in the first place!

Boo! Boo! booo!


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:>>|-| I’ve been with McAfee since the days of the little program that fit on a floppy that consisted of nothing more then 2 programs: scan.exe and clean.exe. And they worked. Until, the author solud out and sold his program to a big corporation. Since version 4 the program was usable. In fact, with the version 4 program I got version 5.21 as a free upgrade. But with version 5 they introduced the subscription plan. And basically went downhill from there.

Don’t get me wrong just yet. The program worked, and the service was still great. Until version 8. I never bought version 7 because I was sick of having to pay every year to use the program. So I used version 6 for the long haul. But, I had to get updated protection so I got v8. It got rid of a lot of features that I really liked. Like the on demand scanning, and scan logging. And the customizable command line scanner. You see version 8 was a non-DOS scanner, meaming no command line support. But worst yet - it used the Internet Explorer API as the interface; which meant there was direct executable to call the program. It was called via a DLL file that was linked to the interface.

Also gone was multi scheduling feature. Yeah version 8 was a mess. And a resource hog. When the background scanner was active, you felt it. Especially playing games. Version 9 was no better. But, version 10 was the last straw for me. It just slowed my win98 SE PC down to a crawl and consistently caused the Blue Screen Of Death and Execution Faults with it’s virtual device drivers (VxD files). And the tray icon kept turning black. It wasn’t even playing nice on XP, causing it sputter and crawl. So 2007 I had enough of McAfee and got rid of it and got a hold of Symantec Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition v10 for the XP PC.

It actually worked, plus earlier this year I installed AVG AntiVirus 7.5 alongside it, as a backup. Norton can’t be forced out of memory, and AVG gets files that Norton misses. On my neighbor machine a fake AntiVirus scam program was installed on his PC. It changed his desktop wallpaper every time, and tricked him with a fake Windows System Update Icon in his system tray. So installing and running AVG got rid of the scam-adware for good. He has Norton, fully paid and up to date. It just couldn’t get the DLLs because they seemed normal to Norton. But AVG knew better and it’s free.

For the win98SE PC (the one I’m using now - because I’m scanning the XP box w/AVG, since the Norton completed), I also ditched McAfee. I had used a trial copy of Norton AntiVirus 2005, because the one I use on XP doesn’t like 98SE. So I installed AVG. For reasons I’ll have to figure out later, it kept cause similar VxD errors whenever win98SE loaded. It had something to do with the DOS level scanner that it installed. I tried disabled it in the autoxec batch file, but it still crashed the system at boot time, not even making it to the desktop. Rebooting to Safe Mode I was able uninstall it. Then I found avast!

avast! is great so far. It removed a lot scam-ware buried deep inside these newsgroups databases that were on PC when I was still with Earthlink. McAfee never even found them. avast!is a cute little proggy, but it does thinks that files within archives are either corrupt or password-locked. I’m using version 4.7 the Home edition, which is free.

It is telling to me that these free programs offer better or more features than the pay ones. People only pay for them, because they believe they “trust the name”. But a name doesn’t mean jack. Ask anyone whose ever bought an iPod (overpaid MUCH!!??). The issue with those pay-for-use programs is the STUPID PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS. Then there was RESOURCE HOGGING!! (MCAFEE!!!!). I mean I alreday paid for it in the store, why should I pay to use it every freaking year!!?? It’s the same with those online games (MMO games, they’re called). I say enough already. I wrote a letter to McAfee and they replied saying the virus signatures are their product and they can rent it out for a year at a time if they want. Yeah, but I figured I could also just download the signatures through FTP. Until re-wrote v10 to physically crash to hell if you tried to update it without paying them first.

Well, the free programs work better, and don’t kill my PC by slowing it down to a death’s crawl. So, there!

AVG 7.5
avast! 4.7


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Gay and Cursed skeletons

This is an actual scene from Cursed and mobile game for the Blackberry 8100 Pearl. It’s a cool game.


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I’m Baaaack!


Well, as you can see the blog is back up and evrything is fine.
For the blog - now I just have to get .netBoard! and Photillium back up.
Photillium I have installed but I just need to run the installer again to update
the config files for the new… config file ???


Stupid AvidHosting! SUXXORS BALLZORS!!


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I am soooooo baked, right Now!. I mean I really stonED out of MY MIND!! I keep zoning out and everything!!

Me and Joseph ( the guy who works in Food Ave (little white kid with long hair)) MAN!! even typing is weird!! fuck! SOOAWWW man I even think!! woo. this is some real shit!!

Anyway, I asked Joseph what kind it was, he said he didn’t know. Man, I’m thinking it was a conspiracy to get me fired! No, really - maybe. Hmmm?

Awww man I just zoned out again Playing Phantsays Star Online (Dreamcast, YEEAA_AAAHHH)

Oh well, I got to go – this is just tripping me put to much , this here.



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My birthday came and went. Didn’t do anything except sit around at home and work on Flash Pro 8 training. I finally got my Dreamweaver 8 Bible book Monday. I’ll wait a bit before I get the ActionScript Bible. Since I already have the PDFs I really should not have bought these books. But, I did it because I don’t have the ink and paper to print out all those pages from the PDFs. Well, I have the ink, just not the paper, at the time I did not have any Black ink, but now I do.

Which reminds me, I really should practice my Mavis Beacon typing program; and get a new keyboard - this one is losing the paint on the keys, and I just need a new KB to use with both of my computers. I want to share my mouse and keyboard for both PCs using a USB based KVM switch.

Oh, well got to back up this database. I FINALLY backed up my computer after a year, and found the discs that i backed up the one drive I messed up on my Win98SE PC. I’m glad I thought to do that, it IS just like me to think ahead - but sometimes I don’t. And well,…


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Hello farts,

I haven’t posted to this thing in awhile, mainly because I don’t see the point :-/. I am usually the guy who does not really want people to know what goes on in my head because it will just cause pope to start asking questions about this and about that. Also, I’m crazy. :crazy:

I am writing from eComStation (Version 2 Demo CD), an OS/2-based operating system. I started using OS/2 Warp 3 in 1994 when I had just a 386DX 40 Mhz AMD PC with 4MB of RAM. This was the fastest 386 (and the last) ever made prior to the 486. Then in 1996 I got Warp 4 when I was going to PCC. I loved it to death – literally. I started running all kinds of software on it. By then time I upgraded to a PentiumMMX 233, and then later built my own Pentium 3 600mhz box (which the OS/2 system never ran on :().

I installed this SciTech Display Doctor because I wanted to upgrade from Matrox G200 Mystique (which worked greatI) to a 3Dfx Voodoo 2 based card - the STB BlackMagic. The SciTech driver worked, but then cause all kinds of shit to happen until finally I could not boot the Workplace Shell (WPS). And, as anyone who uses OS/2 knows - the desktop Workplace Shell is EVERYTHING.

So I started using win98 SE exclusively since I didn’t have the money to buy another PC case. I did buy another CPU - and AMD K6 450 Mhz. Never installed it, because I never got the ASUS motherboard that I wanted. So I instead got another board an built a Pentium 3 600Mhz. That was a Win98 SE and sometimes DOS box. Until I got this PC - the AMD +2800 a 2.2 Ghz PC with 1.5 GB of RAM.

The P3 now 1 GB of RAM as well and uses a 3Dfx Voodoo3 3000 card. I had a nVIDIA GeForce 4 but had to rake it out because I never installed the drivers correctly and corrupted the DirextX, so I went back to the 3Dfx card.

The point is that now I can safely see that OS/2-eCs will run on this new PC, which mean I can finally re-install OS/2. Running this demo brought back a lot memories I had running OS/2. the system is just so much better than any flavor of Windoze.

Ok, I really need to get back to studying Flash Pro 8. I’ve been staring at the Chapter 6 (on symbols and instances) for over a week now. Time to show some progress. Oh, here is something that I did:

Disciples of Istaria

In order for it to show in Firefox 1.0.7 for OS/2 (that uses the Flash Player 5 - FP5) I had to re-build the Flash file for FP5. It will still play in FP9, though.
Unfortunatley, Firefox for OS/2 needs the Flash Player 5 plugin to work, and the Demo CD cannot do that – I tried that.

Ok see ya latz, bye!


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What’s T, peeps. I say “Fuck the world” a lot. But, the world does not make us who we are, we make it. Corny, I know. But, we can only control our place in the world, not the place of others.

But if you can feel good about you, then the world at large won’t be so bleak. You just have to have bigger sight - look at the picture beyond the frame I always say.


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