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Jungle Love

Okay, I know I’m reaching here. But, there have been many time when Lou kissed Sanjaya. Even in last night’s episode he kissed him on the forehead. But this little shot is just, And for me to say that is just wrong!

And maybe it’s me, but Sanjaya looks….happy. ;):yes:


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bloggy has moved!

bloggy has moved to a new home: This means that most of pictures I posted will have to have their URLs changed from the old server to the new one.

Why am I moved..or err…well, I never used my FREE 1 year domain hosting from HostMonster. When I found out about it I had already registered with GoDaddy. But I canceled GD yesterday before going to work. And restored all my files and stuff to the new domain.


If you recall my original domain was stolen from me in 2007 and now is being used by someone else: so I created

Same shit different color! Now I need sleep. BYE! Oh occasionally you may get Error 500 from this blog. Deal with it..I’ll fix it.


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Here is the Prop 8 video


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I’m watching the victory speech now!

OBAMA wins presidency of USA!


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I bought an external 320GB HDD, and was going to return it since I couldn’t install OS/2 warp 4.52 on it, but I could install eCS 2, but I heard about another Linux OS called Ubuntu (8.0.41 LTS). So I downloaded that and installed. After a couple startup issues I finally got it up and here are some screen shots. the rest are on Photillium.

My Ubuntu desktop
Firefox 3 is faster on Ubuntu
Evolution Mail


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What am I supposed to do? What are any of us supposed to do? Target continues to throw valuable stuff that could be donated to orphans of other charities but instead dump it in the garbage!

trashed keyboard
Target throws out a perfectly good keyboard

Case in point this keyboard. Its usable. Sure it was a floor model but it’s still Functional! Also….

.. this box of drinking glasses looks to be in donatable condition. But, nooo not to Target, so they throw it out.

This is why other countries hate us!


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Okay so there are the photos I took with my Pearl 8100. Right now though I’m at my PC.
I could have done it with my Blackberry by uploading the pics to Photillium (which I should do anyway, and will do), but as I said I was cold, sitting in the patio at Union Station and I wanted to get home. So there!

The van must have hit the car and dragged it on the sidewalk

Scrunchy crunch!

This car hit the van from behind

The trouble making police (all white) try to help


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Escaped experiment carcass or hoax?

Montauk Montser

I always believed that our or any government is up to shit. Though they will say this is a computer generated image of sorts, it may just be proof of the shit that goes behind closed doors and under the earth in secret cities. I do believe that this world is controlled by people who live beneath the earth or in the caverns of the moon and Mars. This probably escaped and crashed on earth! This creature may have had intelligence and wanted to tell the world the truth.

I personally believe this is real. Unfortunately this is not the first time we have seen a strange monster surface on the beach. When I find the link I’ll post the other one that was found a few years ago. Of course also, in BELIEF there is also a LIE.


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I spend too much. I have 25$ to buy my train tokens, but still … I don’t know what happened! But, I put the money in my wallet, and used a dollar and a quarter to get to work. I used my check card to buy food. But I didn’t realize something important that GOD knew.

As I was cleaning up the parking lot on Level A, I saw a dollar on the ground and picked it up. I was like “Yeah!”. So I put it in my pocket. Later, when I go home, after I leave Del Taco, I take the dollar out to place in my wallet and discover that I only had that 1$ coin and no quarter. So GOD gave me the dollar bill because GOD knew I didn’t have enough money for the train ride home.

My life has been better blessed since I denounced Christianity. And all organized religions.

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