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Amazon.com Shopping Cart Error &Woes


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You should know that Amazon.com is having issues with the site. When I accessed the site earlier this afternoon at 3PM PST I first received a page that was only partially loaded as though the CSS parser was broken. When I reloaded the page I received the following:

http:// 1.1 Service not available

So I closed the tab, opened a new one and reloaded. This time I got the main page anmd it showed the number of items in my cart (3). But when I clicked the cart icon I got three following message in red.

The item you were attempting to add the your cart was not recognized by our system. Please try again later.

I did a search for one of the items in my cart and added it to my cart with the add button and the number 1 appeared in the cart graphic. Bu when I opened the cart again I got the same message about it not being recognized.

I sent an email to the Express e-mail support, but do not believe I will receive a reply. It is clear that the site was cracked. But will it mean my cart and wish list is gone forever. Unless they will be revived via backup. Also their “forums” are a joke.

It is now 8p and I have not been back to the site and do not kow what as transpired as of yet. We shall see.

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