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Facebook Hates Black Gay People


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Yesterday I got a message from Facebook noting that the Black Gay Pride event was cancelled, and that the ATBLA account was closed. So I called the ATBLA and left a message. According to a phone call I got today Facebook has closed the account for ATBLA due to “inconsistencies". Now I don’t what that means exactly, but it was clear that I believe that Facebook just hates Black Gay People, and doesn’t want them on their site.

Browns, why not.
White, sure.
Yellows, no problem.

But the nee-gee-roes!!?? Not a chance!! :crazy: |-|

They allow the browns, yellows, and whites to post explicit pictures on Facebook, as seen here

>:XX >:XX >:XX >:XX

But Black gay People can’t post events or have account to celebrate their gaiety.

I’m just saying….

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