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:D Just found out something about my old Blackberry Pearl 8100 while using the Opera Mini app. I Googled “compare Blackberry Tour vs Blackberry Bold 9700″ anyway. I wanted to compare these devices. So I held down the ALT key (the one with two arrows doing a ying/yang thang) and using my trackball pressed it down and “dragged the Bold 9700 to the little area. the screen refreshed but I didn’t see anything, so I went home and did it on my PC. And…there was the Bold 9700 in the little spot. Of course RIM sites could have put there when I typed “compare blackberry bold 9700 blackberry tour” in the google search box. But actually that just brought up the Google search page. but since I automatically logged into google whenever I…google, the link was purple because I already visited there with my Blackberry. So in retrospect i DID pace it there with my Blackberry Pearl trackball. HA!

Who knew? And who cares? I’m out.

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