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Blackberry Bold 9700

I ordered this smartphone last week on Black Friday (I almost wrote Big Black Friday, in response to the Wanda Sykes joke on here show) and UPS said it would be delivered on Thursday the 3rd of December. I would be off that day so i would be able to get it, but they updated their page saying it would get there on wed., a day earlier. I was very happy! But I had to work that day so it arrived after I left for work.

Well, I came at around 6 or 7pm and saw Tommy and asked if the package was there he said “No.” So I wondered if they delivered it next store (to the Mental Health Clinic), so Thursday we went next and it did. the lady who signed for it said she didn’t even look at the package, she just signed for it. When she saw that it was the wrong: LSS - she lost it. Or she left the of office and came back and it was gone. The supervisor said that they were responsible for it, but I said I would contact both UPS and T-Mobile about remedy and let their process complete, if it didn’t work and I would have to return to the clinic.

Well I called and UPS was helpful, at first, but gave me the run around a day later (I had to remind it was their driver who delivered the package to the wring address in the first place), T-Mobile was more helpful. They put a trace on the phone, and by the weekend could not locate it and I order a new one which will arrive next Wed, and I am off that day so I will be here to get it.

Now I find out T-Mobile charged me the full price of the phone !!! instead of the Black Friday price. sigh..oh well now i just need to figure out to transfer my data to the new Blackberry without SIM card being activated, unless I need toactivate before i put my old SIM card inside of it.


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This clock is 6 years slow

This was supposed to show up back in 2003, now 6 and half years later it shows up. Mostly due to the corrupt union labor the MTA depends upon. Its began in the late summer and looks to be completed near the end of winter.

And we paid for it with lackluster service and increased fares just to keep their corrupt union laborers happy. :roll:


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:D Just found out something about my old Blackberry Pearl 8100 while using the Opera Mini app. I Googled “compare Blackberry Tour vs Blackberry Bold 9700″ anyway. I wanted to compare these devices. So I held down the ALT key (the one with two arrows doing a ying/yang thang) and using my trackball pressed it down and “dragged the Bold 9700 to the little area. the screen refreshed but I didn’t see anything, so I went home and did it on my PC. And…there was the Bold 9700 in the little spot. Of course RIM sites could have put there when I typed “compare blackberry bold 9700 blackberry tour” in the google search box. But actually that just brought up the Google search page. but since I automatically logged into google whenever I…google, the link was purple because I already visited there with my Blackberry. So in retrospect i DID pace it there with my Blackberry Pearl trackball. HA!

Who knew? And who cares? I’m out.


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this is bullcrap!!

Last, or early this morning I found out that the new East Los Angeles goldline extension for the mta STOPS service at midnight at union station!!!

Which means people like me who waited for the damn to open at little Tokyo going never to walk home from union station now STILL have to do it!!

The train does not go to east Los Angeles after midnight, but goes back to the chinatown yard at midnight!! Fucking stupid! We gave them all that money for this thing; we put up with fare increases and service shortage to build this extension only to be fucked by the MTA!!!

What was the point of building all those stations if your just going to stop service at union station at midnight? What was the point? For daytime service only!? That bull!!

What a waist of money!! I wanted to get off @ 1st/alameda every night after work now I got to just keep walking all the way from union station!!!

= fucking stupid =

Posted via my BlackBerry Pearl 8100


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Today I went to my yahoo mailbox and saw that I won another 25$ gift certificate from Digital Juice!!!

I didn’t think i could win twice in three months1 Whoo hoo! But, the gain the winning is pretty random, and I really should use for the products I have on hold to bring the cost down.


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…why under God Heaven Satan and Hell why Wes Craven would even THINK to re-do this classic film.


Oh, right.

Wes Craven, for shame art thou you!! You have suffered from Georgelucitis and have fallen to massacring your classic films. Shame! Shame! Shame on you! :no:

wait! hold up!

Micheal Bay is producing this shit! AAAUGGHHH! That Transformers killing shrivled nutsack-Bay :crazy: !!???



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No REALLY nice

I joined this site called Digital Juice and posted a comment on one of the video effects.

Motion Design Element #0007 from v12: Motion Plaques
Release Date: 3/16/2007
Animated Motion Design Element with embedded alpha channel in the QuickTime (MOV) format.1500x1400 30p MOV

really good effect for text, and composting work.
Posted on 8/15/2009 by PAUL CHATMAN

I won a 25$ gift certificate

Because it will allow me to get these flourishes I keep seeing on the Internet and use them in my own videos. So the 25$ will definitely get used. I’ll try and use all of it at once on one order since money is really tight, and I just paid three credit card bills, and my DSL bill. that leaves me with train fair and a little bit of food until the end of the month.

Yay! :D


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Jungle Love

Okay, I know I’m reaching here. But, there have been many time when Lou kissed Sanjaya. Even in last night’s episode he kissed him on the forehead. But this little shot is just, well..gay. And for me to say that is just wrong!

And maybe it’s me, but Sanjaya looks….happy. ;):yes:


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In the beginning of last month I had a dream that my Grandmother died.
I never wrote about itin my journal, and I should have.
It angers me I’m writing here. sigh…


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World Lights Out!

You may not want to believe this last nights Lights Out Across the World was a scam. You see, i believe that it was done to allow The Hidden Powers to perform a malicious act on societies across the world. To insert or facilitate an action we will come to regret when it comes to past in the near future.

These things are not new. It’s only sad that we now live in an Age where people are allowed themselves to become diluted. Allow themselves to be ignorant of things that they foolishly allow to happen to themselves. Then become shocked when they realize their folly.

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